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UX Designer / Web Applications Developer

Welcome to my portfolio site. Here you will find a few of my favorite projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on. If you like what you see, feel free to shoot me a message. My work history can be found on my LinkedIn page. References available upon request.

A Little Bit About Me

I am a user experience designer and web applications developer based out of the Detroit area. I recently graduated from Michigan State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Experience Architecture. My passion lies in vehicles of all kinds: planes, trains, automobiles, boats, you name it. In my free time I spend as much time outdoors as possible. Sailing, skiing, hunting and fishing are a few of my favorite things to do.

How I’d Describe Myself

Detail Oriented

Being a perfectionist is one of my most valuable strengths. In my mind nothing is ever complete—there is always room for improvement. Often times the smallest of changes make some of the biggest experience improvements. Likewise, the smallest of mistakes can develop into some of the biggest problems. I have an acute eye that catches complications and pain-points before they ever become a problem.

Problem Solver

As a lifelong sailor, very few things teach you better problem solving skills than racing sailboats. Equipment can break and potentially catastrophic failures can happen. When you’re out on the water, sometimes days away from land, you have to be quick on your feet to develop a solution. Resources are scarce, and teamwork with your fellow shipmates is critical. The skills I’ve learned on the water have enabled me to effectively adapt and overcome a multitude of obstacles.


I never turn down the opportunity to travel, and work hard to seek out fun and exciting experiences. I am creative, adaptable, competitive and enjoy a good challenge. Creating luck is one of my favorite things to do; the best way to accomplish that is exploring uncharted territory.


I am right at home with tools, instruments, and machinery of all kinds. My actions are aimed at getting me where I want to go, as efficiently and precisely as possible. I have a whatever-it-takes attitude, and won’t stop until the job is done.

Projects & Design

Check out some of my favorite work

People standing around msu library digital signage hub

MSU Main Library’s Digital Signage

User Testing & Developing Wayfinding Systems

wires illumination leds

Adafruit Flora Wearable GPS

Developing Consumer Wearables

high fidelity wireframe of digital repository

MSU Libraries Digital Repository

Rapid Prototyping

sample screen of classroom emergency hub

MSU Interactive Classroom Emergency Hub

Improving Emergency Response

section of map with Michigan in the middle

Where do Spartans Go?

Infographics for the Web

glimps of document

Document Design Tips & Tricks

How to Create Effective Documents

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